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Universal projector mount up to 20kg, black

While stout and sturdy in structure, this mount boasts premium adjustability and enhanced functionality. An integrated quick-connect mechanism makes projector attachment or removal easy, while its patented gear technology makes fine-tuning the projector image a cinch.


Dual flat panel mount stand for video conferences with rack

Professional dual monitor ground stand developed for Video Conferences, thanks to the optional camera shelf on top and predisposition for positioning the camera between the rack and the monitor. Platea Premium has also been designed so that the wiring of all devices remain hidden through holes passing through the rear of the structure. It is equipped with a large and elegant 19” rack cabinet with 17U height with stylish plexiglass cover to install all the equipment necessary for the proper use of two monitors on the structure.


Patented system for all stacking videoprojectione needs

Stacking solution for professional projector mounts for professional and semi-professional three-dimensional projection (3D). KAL IBRO is a unique solution, patented by EUROMET that allows micro adjustments on all axes, with brass knobs located laterally to accurately align the focus of the two projectors.

AV Professional Mounting Solutions

Euromet produces supports multifunction systems for video, audio and lighting, as well as facilities for
installation, rack cabinets and mic stands.